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Works hosted on this site

The following are just a few of my writings. They are hosted here because they (a) were published in print only and are made available here with permission, (b) they were presented as talks rather than as publications, or (c) they were too long to fit comfortably in a blog post. For a full list of my published writings see the Books, articles, and speeches page on this website.

“‘Bring on the bulldozers and let’s plant trees’: The Problems of Labour Zionism” co-authored with Nava EtShalom (October 2008)

Christian rightists and neocons: A 25-year alliance” (October 2005)

Critiquing neocons and scapegoating Jews: An exchange with a ‘heartland Democrat’” (May 2006)

Hindu nationalism: An annotated bibliography of online resources” (June 2008)

Right-Wing Movements 101” (June 2011)

Where does the Christian Right get its politics from?” (February 1995)

Why I oppose Zionism” (2003)


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